Limeira, 15/12/2017

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Ferramentas Technical assistance

The technical support offered by KONE in your post-sale is a great advantage as it gives security required when purchasing new equipment. The service agility and efficiency in their services are features in our work philosophy.

Technical delivery

When purchasing a KONE product, our customer can request the startup service, which ranges from: leveling, coupling, testing and operating instructions.

Preventive maintenance

Ideal for increasing and optimizing the service life of the machine, avoiding sudden stops and causing unnecessary losses. KONE provides periodic maintenance plans.

Corrective maintenance

Our team is prepared for quick service to all areas of the country, bringing more tranquility when unforeseen are unavoidable.

Operational training

Details on the functionality of our equipment, lubrication plans and many other points are explain by an expert; this service can done in the acquisition or in another time. Just ask us!

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